Tom Brigade: Jesse Lee Paterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Patterson, you’re a Tom. You’re a platinum level Uncle Tom, and anyone who attends your sermons and takes you seriously is an Uncle Tom by proxy. Whenever Faux (Fox) News needs their agenda pushed by a black man, they call Patterson in to shuck and jive his way through their news segments. The writers of Tom Wars will meet and assign him his rank at a later date. Until then, enjoy this step and fetch segment Patterson discusses on Faux News about the Jena 6 situation.


2 Responses to “Tom Brigade: Jesse Lee Paterson”

  1. Lin george Says:

    Well done brother. This is one of those decendants of Black African slave traders who sold our forebears to the white man for pecunary gains. The mind set is so embedded in them that they to this day remain the dirty foot stool of the white man. It is just a matter of time before they will meet their water-loo at the hands of the neo-cons. This boy is a fully baked egotistical moron and traitor who is hell bent on “white-Mailing” Professor Obama.

  2. BLACK RACISM, and WHITE GUILT. That’s why we have OBAMA! This country is more racially divided than ever!!! Jesse speaks the truth. He is a real man. He grew up long, long ago. Most blacks are losers, so they spend their whole lives looking for somebody to blame. Look in the mirror, LOSER!

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