“Give it here, and don’t say nothing . . .”
– The Roots

Hush Black America. If someone breaks into your house, steals everything including your baby’s shoes, your wife’s last box of tampons, and your secret stash of Jane Kennedy photos, just accept it. Chalk up another one for the bad guys because you’re tied to a new philosophy. (cue music) DA DA DA DUNNNN, NO SNITCHING! Apparently that’s the new mantra for black America. When someone robs you, just accept it. Shoots you? Just bite the bullet. Smacks around your mom? Just comfort her. But for God’s sake, don’t tell anyone!

How and when did the no snitching code go into effect for non criminals. When were average citizens initiated into this lifestyle? It seems to me that most people who are told not to snitch reap no rewards from their inaction. Tomwars has decided to dive deeper into the culture of No Snitching. In order to be successful in this endeavor, it is absolutely vital that we nail down an appropriate definition for the term “snitching.” If we plan to dissect it, we must define it. Tomwars consultant Minister Rufus Chakakhan offers his input on the word “snitching” and it’s ramifications.

“Snitching is the hallmark of bitchniggadry. I define it as the action of seeking the favor or protection of an authority figure via running off at the mouth to said authority figure about actions that may or may not cause personal loss or injury.”

If Minister Chakakhan’s definition is accurate, does this mean the No Snitching culture has (d)evolved into something different than it’s original meaning? Has the word “snitching” been hijacked? Similarly to Minister Chakakhan, it was always my understanding that “snitching” only occurs when two or more individuals decide to do criminal act with each other and get caught. When one or more of those aforementioned individuals rats to the cops for a lighter sentence, THAT’S snitching. Was I mistaken? I seriously thought there was a difference between “snitching” and “telling/tattling.” To dive deeper into the conversation, I decided to contact Urban Sociologist Haywood Jablome for his expert advice:

“Can you imagine a bunch of 6’2 220lb thugs from Gary Indiana rolling up on an old lady who complained to the police about noise volume saying ‘yo, why you tattle on me you old bitch.'” The words “snitch” and “snitching” have been hijacked and morphed into something that fits the criminal agenda. Since niggadry has become so prevalent in our society, the snitching culture now includes old ladies who call the cops. Oddly enough, these same thugs can’t wait to “snitch” on the white man when he keeps them down.”

According to Mr. Jablome, there is indeed a difference between what criminals do, and what John Q. Citizen does with regards to “telling,” and snitching:

“If an 80 year old woman calls the police because your ignorant ass won’t get off her front steps, that’s her right, it’s not snitching. She’s too old to kick you in your monkey ass, so she needs someone else to extract you and your ignorant ilk from her property. She’s paid taxes all of her life, and wants a little peace and quiet. You can’t make her live by a street code since she doesn’t exist in, or profit from it. This form of ‘telling’ isn’t snitching.”

In the black community, crime is a touchy subject. Some people live by the code of No Snitching for personal reasons. As Mr. Jablome explains, it’s hard running to authorities sometimes:

“To the average citizen, telling what you’ve seen about criminals to the police is like telling on criminals to criminals. Police don’t snitch on themselves so why would anyone trust them. They don’t tell on the criminals within their ranks yet expect citizens to tell. The boys in blue have their own No Snitching philosophy so they can’t very well expect the average citizen to tell. It becomes a very uncomfortable situation for average man since he is immersed in a ‘Shut the f*ck up’ society.”

Frustrations are mounting however. With the economy down, crime is up. The price of gas is through the roof, and people are trying to hold on to every thing they have. When ignorant niggas, wiggas, chiggas, and puerto riggas make your life harder, the blood begins to boil. Dr. Skeetbone Jones, Tomwars consultant, eloquently describes this phenomena:

“First and foremost, I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to speak on this subject which is so dear to my heart.

I can honestly say that NIGGAS make me sick with this stop snitching campaign. Do you KNOW why cops hate you? As repeat offenders, the cops get tired of arresting your black ass for the same shit…or the SUSPICION of the same shit every week. You tired of concerned parents “snitching” on you because they don’t want their children seeing you hustling and robbing? Then stop committing said acts of coonery and you won’t have to worry about it. And for God’s sake, read a dictionary.”

Dr. Jones’ frustration isn’t isolate to a region or age group. It seems that every week a child is caught in the cross fire of a drug shoot out. It’s gut wrenching to see families on TV crying for their lost daughter whose crime was nothing more than jumping double dutch outside with her friends. The super coons who committed the crime escaped on foot or in the latest nigga-approved automobile (Pontiac Bonneville with air vents on the side, Mercury Grand Marquis with 22 inch rims, Chevy Lumina tinted with a shitty transmission but new speakers). With make shift memorials of balloons, teddy bears and candles in the background, the family of the little girl are shown distraught on the evening news program seeking information about the suspect so that they can have solice and closure. The news segment always ends with “If you have any information, please contact your local police or call the citizens tip line at XXX-XXX-XXXX. You do not have to leave your name.” The same folks who normally wear “Stop Snitching” T-shirts around the neighborhood are in the background of the news segment weeping for their lost niece or cousin (minus the Stop Snitching T-shirt). The code goes out the window once they’re directly affected by a horrendous crime. If they were true believers of the “No Snitching” code as it exists now, the news segment would look something like this:

News Reporter: We’re here live at the memorial for 9 year old Kenyetta McCoy who was viciously gunned down as she and her friends played in front of her house. Her Uncle, Shamar McCoy is here to make a plea to the public.
(camera pans to make shift memorial with 20 family members in the background)
Shamar: We are here today to make a plea to the people who shot our little Kenyetta. *tear drops. not on a gay vibe, but on a 2Pac or 50 Cent thugs cry too moment* Please, don’t turn yourself into the police. Please don’t snitch on yourself. Snitches are bitches. You’ve already shot her, and we can’t bring her back. Don’t turn yourself in to the white man. And to our fellow citizens, if you have any information on the whereabouts of these suspects, please keep that shit to yourself. Don’t even think about snitching. That shit aint right! In Gods name we pray, Amen Halleludicrus!

To quote the hood prophet Kat Williams, “never in the history of niggadom” will you see this play out. Hence, we must assume that the No Snitching code only applies when it’s convenient.

In conclusion, we’ve come up with a snitching checklist to know if someone is in fact snitching. This way, there can be no confusion.

Testifying against your friend after committing a burglary with him? Snitching!
Person who had his electricity turned off since you robbed him of his bill money? Not Snitching!
Testifying against an R&B singer who peed on a 14 year old girl? Not Snitching!
Holding the camera while R&B singer pees on 14 year old girl? Snitching!
Plea with the D.A. for a lesser sentence & testifying against your cohorts? Snitching!
Old lady calling the cops on your ignorant ass b/c you don’t have home training? Not Snitching!
Old lady being the mastermind behind the crime THEN snitching? Snitching!

Running dog fighting ring with NFL Quarterback then testifying against him? Snitching!
Calling cops when your dog stolen out of your backyard to spar with dogs? Not Snitching!

You involved in the crime and testifying = snitching
You victim of the crime and testifying = not snitching

As a followup, the writer of this article was threatened with bodily harm by a gang of shiftless niggas from Milwaukee and a faction of California Chicaniggas via email after this article was published. Apparently, writing this article was an act of snitching on the definition of snitching and those who’ve abused it. Consequently, since violent niggas scare the bejesus out of me, this article may be taken down in the near future.


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