Bros over Hoes?

Homo Thugs?

Friday night I found myself in the middle of a Boondocks episode (for those who don’t know what The Boondocks is, it’s a satirical cartoon played on Adult Swim. I suggest you go buy Seasons 1 & 2 ASAP). There’s an episode in Season 2 starring a homo-thug rapper named Gangstalicious. Initially I found the episode hilarious, witty, and thought provoking. Now I find the truth behind it disturbing.

Why are grown men… In the club… Dancing with each other… While women stand around waiting for someone to dance with. First, let us be clear. We’re not talking about being on the dancefoor with your friends and bobbing your head or two stepping to the music. We’re talking about grown men in the club jumping around on each other, grabbing each other by the head, shoulders, arm, torso, whatever the case may be, and getting crunk, hyphy or whatever you want to call it while women sit frustrated on the sideline.

I made the mistake of going to a club this weekend. A friend had a birthday party at a local club and I went to support and have a couple drinks. When I got there I was dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Appalled! There were beautiful sistas lined up all around the walls in form fitting dresses, short shorts, and stilettos by themselves. At first glance I assumed these were the “I’m too cute to dance” sistas since they weren’t on the dance floor. To my utter disgust, they weren’t on the dance floor because the “men” took over the floor getting crunk with each other. As I walked to the dance floor with a sister, we could barely two step since hordes of negroes decked in the latest outpatient prison wear jumped around the dance floor. There is somethingBros over Hoes shirt blatantly homo-erotic about men bumping into each other, grabbing each other, and throwing each other around rhythmically to a Plies song. Perhaps this is a byproduct of the prison culture. Or perhaps these “thugs” are so deep in the closet they’re in Narnia. Either way, it seems the most homophobic thugged out brothers are doing everything possible to let the world know they’re actually gay. Is it not extremely homo-erotic to wear a “Bros over Hoes” shirt with Dickies pants while hugging the block with your hard steel gun tucked into the small of your back getting money over bitches (ironically, most of these idiots want money so they can get women. Let’s review shall we: Dumbass #1 wants money so he can buy some ice [before a house mind you], so he can impress some women, so he can take them to his expensive car that he bought to impress them, then back to his mama basement )?

Then there’s the flip side of the coin. The brothers who come to the club to challenge other brothers in dancing. Let me make this clear:

DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, walk up to me and start popping and locking!!!

I do not want to challenge you. I realize R&B guys in fitted hats, braids, and petite dainty extra small tank tops that are still somehow baggy on them make it seem cool to try to serve some suckas on the dance floor, but don’t walk up to me with it. I most definitely do not have an icebox where my heart use to be, and I don’t want to see you run it, run it. I’d much prefer the company of a beautiful intelligent woman than to have some nutty Negro gyrating in front of me to the latest Baltimore club song, or DJ Khaled track (-SIDENOTE- Will someone please, PLEASE shut DJ Khaled the hell up. You seriously have to be in the game for more than a year and have way more accomplishments under your belt to call yourself the best. Quincy Jones can say he’s the best. Primo can say he’s the best. Hell, if Neptunes or Kanye want to say it, at least they can make an argument. You, DJ Khaled won’t be around this time next year so you have the shut the hell up). If you’re having a discussion with a beautiful Queen, and leave her to challenge another man in rhythmic hip movements, that’s a tad suspect. Hell, even suburban white kids challenging each other in dance dance revolution are cooler than you. At least they’re not gazing into each others eyes or trying to wipe imaginary dirt off the other person’s shoulders.

The good news is, there are plenty of available women in the club anxiously waiting for a man who’s not consumed with the movements of another man to walk up to her and ask her to dance. Not that it was difficult before, but getting a woman in the club is now like shooting fish in a barrel. The bad news is, if you try to dance with her, you’ll more than likely wind up inadvertently dancing with another man since he’ll be all over the floor prancing about.

I’ve heard the argument that during the 80s, brothers constantly challenged each other on the dance floor. If I were you, I probably wouldn’t use the 80s as an example of NOT being suspect.


8 Responses to “Bros over Hoes?”

  1. Why do I feel somehow reassured that I haven’t missed anything by not being in a club in years… More power to those who prefer men, but as someone who prefers women, I’d rather not dance with a bunch of dudes. That is kinda suspect…..

  2. Puzzled Says:

    We are living in strange times. It certainly feels like we are in the twilight-zone when it comes to the relationship between men and women. There is very little respect. It is a shame that certain types “hip pop -rap music” condones and glorifies the disrespectful behavior and let alone allowing children to view it through BET and MTV as if it’s the norm. Like it is ok to be disrespect women. It’s not OK!!! I don’t mind if a brother prefers to bend down so long as he does not assume that everyone woman is a “hoe.” If she is… so what?! we don’t all have the same luck in life and some of us have it tougher than others.

  3. This is sooo true. Men are becoming way more interested in each other than us. If you are working hard on the dance floor just to impress another man, you have a problem. If you are touching another man you have a problem.

  4. again its this fatherless generation. boy looking for what they were missing at home which was a father figure. so they turn to another dude for that male guidance. these girls play a role in it because they finf it acceptable to be a single mom and inadvertantly pass on their feminine way to their sons (not all but most). I have a friend who is 31 y/o and still lives at home with his mom and grandma and they still to this day buy his underware. *shrugs* he is not gay just a product of what happens when you don’t have a male figure around.

  5. I most definitely do not have an icebox where my heart use to be, and I don’t want to see you run it, run it.

    LOL! What a damn fool, you are!! I guess it doesn’t bother me because I go to the club for myself. I’d rather have dudes in a circle dancin together than one of em up on me trying to touch on me and them gettin all hard. Its not attractive at all, LOL. I “dance in circles” alone when I go clubbing – so to hell w/ negros. Not to mention dancing with a guy usually has him thinking its okay for him to ask for your number…..not interested Bucko! – CathrynMarie –

  6. From the Beach Says:

    Last time I went to a Club (in Vegas) it was with other women and we had mad fun dancing ..with..each..other. I really don’t WANT to dance with a man. You know why? Cause they just dont get it. I’m not there to hook up. Im not there to find a fuggbuddy. I’m there to DANCE and HAVE FUN LAUGHING and DANCING. Im not sending off fuggsignals. So I’ll stay dancing with my girlz. It’s SCAREY out there on the floor btw.

  7. LMAO what? you don’t think we should bring back a remix of the song “slam”? dun dun nah dun dun nah LET THE BOYS BE BOYS!! Thanks for the heads up sir. I mostly like to go to clubs to dance. Guess that’s OUT.

  8. It’s sad really…but I agree with Kitty…while watching: HARD TIMES AT DOUGLASS HIGH…that’s all that I could think about! These fatherless children just don’t give a f**k…don’t aspire to do anything but be sh*t! My High School was bad but we knew higher education was always a possibility. Back to my point, What has happened to our men…well, not all of them are lost but still…why is this behavior even tolerated!? What must we do to get who WE are back…UGH!…now i’m going to spend that day being righteous!…thanx!

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