Packed Full of BS

When Terrell Owens, one of the best WRs to play the game tried to renegotiate his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, he was called a baby.  When the Eagles decided to deactivate him so that he couldn’t play, the blame was put on him.  Journalist went off on literary rants questioning his upbringing, loyalty, and maturity level.

Chad Johnson of the Cincinnate Bengals threatened to hold out if he wasn’t traded (I mean, c’mon, he’s on the frickin Bengals.  Can you blame him?).  Reporters jumped down his throat, and people waited anxiously at training camp to see if he’d show up.  When he did, a collective “DAMN!” was sighed from the media.  They couldn’t wait to roast another black athlete for his shenanigans.

A few states over, a white quarterback who is damn near eligible for social security decides he wants to come back into the sport after retiring.  His team, the Packers, decide they don’t want him.  They’d prefer he’d honor his retirement so that they may move on with their future.  This QB decides to break league rules and starts illegal negotiations with the teams bitter rival.  The media does not roast him.  They roast the Packers.  They roast anyone who criticizes him.  He’s being picked on. Can we say:


One Response to “Packed Full of BS”

  1. From the Beach Says:

    yesssssss. eggzaccly. pffft

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