Here we go AGAIN!

First, they discovered land that people already inhibited. Now they’re discovering animals that locals have already named. In Barbados, locals have always known about the Thread Snake. The four inch snake is as much of Bajan (not Barbadian Yahoo!) culture as Calypso music and jerk chicken (ok, admittedly, I don’t know if they eat jerk chicken, I’m just generalizing all West Indians). However, Penn State University Biologist, S. Blair Hedges, “discovered” the tiny Thread Snake and renamed it Leptotyphlops carlae after his wife Carla when he and his team of researchers found it during their latest whirlwind adventure. Understandably, Bajan citizens have been irate at the bootleg Indiana Jones and his team of merry flunkies who are trying to finish the job Europeans started during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Hedges has countered by stating the first person to do a full description of a species is allowed to give it a scientific name under established scientific practice. Were the Barbados citizens consulted by scientists when this practice came in to play? Or is this just another extension of time honored racist practices designed to empower whites, and make “natives” look helpless. As Damon Corrie, president of the Caribbean Herpetological Society so eloquently stated, “”It gives the impression that people here … depend on people from abroad to come and show us things in our own backyard,” In actuality, the only thing Hedges has shown with his latest research project of the Thread Snake is that he’s a bigger snake than his “discovery.”

Hedges has done research around the globe, “discovering” new tiny species. In Cuba, Hedges “discovered” the world’s smallest Frog. In the Domincan Republic, Hedges “discovered” the world’s smalled lizard. The four inch Thread Snake is Hedges newest conquest. This begs the question, how small exactly is Hedges’ penis that he has to go around the word to find smaller lizards and snakes?


3 Responses to “Here we go AGAIN!”

  1. that thing looks creepy….eewww


  2. From the Beach Says:

    lmao @ this, especially the last line

  3. LOL… what did they found a tiny snake that was always there??? Makes no sense if others (natives of the island) were already aware of its existence. I guess like you said he wants to be “credited” for identifying a scientific description of a specie of reptiles.

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