August is lookin real shitty already, folks

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes in the same month? Shoulda took one of them BET Comedy “Allstars” and Soulja Boy Tell Em instead. real rap.

By the way universe, you SERIOUSLY owe us a replacement comedian that finds the funny in brutal truth and a man so musically talented he could make a recording of him scratching his chest hair a thing of greatness.

RIP to Bernard McCoullough and Isaac Hayes. You will definately be missed by the Tom Wars staff.


3 Responses to “August is lookin real shitty already, folks”

  1. Although I hate to hear about Issac Hayes (LOVED him as Chef, lol), Bernie Mac passing is hard on the soul. I dnt have cable, so I watch The Bernie Mac show daily @ 6pm on TV20 – it came on yesterday, same 1 I watched earlier this week. His Uncle (who turned out to be his Dad & he had no idea) had passed away and the Fam had to go to Chicago. I couldnt even watch it anymore without seriously crying. He will be missed.

    On Friday while watching the show, Jordan had to play nice w/ a friend he didn’t like. Bernie invited him over to play at the house and upon walking into Jordan’s room with cookies and milk he said “Come on Jordan, you and your friend come get these Milk and cooook-eez”. I laughed real hard because thats like a classic line from Kings of Comedy, plus it was funny.

    The next day he was gone….Uncle Bernie (as my son called him like Brianna, lol) will be missed…

  2. RIP to both… Now don’t hate on the month of August.

  3. divinefaith Says:

    May they both Rest in Peace they will forever be missed. Like the first writer I was also deeply touched by Bernie Mac passing, it felt personal. My prayers are with his family.

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