Blurb: Hell no, he won’t go!

Why is it, that negros get arrested daily for bench warrants on back child support and failing to pay traffic violations, but Karl Rove is not arrested for saying fuck Congress.  Rove was subpoenaed to testify about his role in the matter of the US Attorney firings and the allegations of his interference in the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.  In late July, Rove was held in contempt of Congress by the House Judiciary Committee.  Not only has he not shown up to testify, he states he won’t!  Why in the blue fuck is he not in handcuffs?  If I plead the 5th about witnessing a donut theft, my black ass would be locked up.  This guy says fuck the law, and fuck Congress, while he sits at home praying to his Richard Nixon statues.  As the noted American Philosopher, Don King, once said, “Only in America!”


2 Responses to “Blurb: Hell no, he won’t go!”

  1. Don King ( is a philosopher to the stature of Friedrich Nietzsche??? Since when? You better be joking!!! This is dead all dead wrong aahhh… including the Rove situation.

  2. divinefaith Says:

    I agree only in America. We the people would have been punished, our leaders and people in high positions and their associates act as if they are above the law. It’s time for a CHANGE!

    Check out the link below!

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