the DNC

I didn’t have time to watch much, but I saw Michelle’s speech. She’s a real crowd mover, that lady. I also didn’t know that her brother was a bodyguard for Suge Knight. Negro is fucking HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Readers, give me some highlites cuz i’m not really in the mood to sit on YouTube to watch that shit. Also, fuck Hillary Clinton. Nobody gives a fuck about your goddamn endorsement, ya raggedy ho.

PS- Yes, Barrack Obama really IS a long legged mack daddy. ROFL!


3 Responses to “the DNC”

  1. GEEZ! The last part was rather harsh, aye? my blog was written for ppl like CathrynMarie

  2. In reply to ur comment! in the end – corn juice is corn juice! Dems vote 4 dems and repubs vote for their kind. I dnt see what the big deal is. either u like being poor or u want change…lol…all of this obama aint blk enough BS is sooo annoying ( he is for the ppl, not for the blks!

  3. interessante

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