VMA Hatred

Dewayne, you can put Leona Lewis on it if you want but you stole that song from Common. Too bad they don’t allow Spider Loc and 40 Glocc into such events.

I’m just about done with T-Pain.

The host, introducing great american hero Michael Phelps, with a british accent.

Brittney Spears wins best new video but her album went milk.

VMA has its own dance competition but why wasn’t it called the “3rd place from both seasons run off”

MTV’s best pop group hosting by Slater again?

Jermaine Dupri gets fired from Def Jam and opens a record label with TAG body spray? Maybe if homie spent time around more Indians and Mexicans he’d know that 4 bottles of cologne don’t cover the smell of shit.

A new Charm School? Thank you god

Danity Kane counting votes by text message; remind me again why nobody buys albums of artists developed on reality tv. Oh yeah: suspension of disbelief<reality television dispels celebrity

Twilight movie coming soon; did we really need vampires to encourage spiky haired over tanned white boys? Wait, vampires tan?

How come rockers jump up and down on stage to hype the crowd its never on beat? Maybe Everlast can teach seminars to his people? Throw some supreme mathematics in there…

Paris Hilton has a reality show….again? How come they don’t have her do one on A&E about people living with Herpes? They have one for addicts.

Pink is putting on some pounds. Ladies see what happens when you mess with Treach. You end up Pepa shaped with Salt’s nose.

“grand verbalizer what time is it”

Did I really wait three hours of this fuckery for Ye?

Thats the weekend folks

-Billion O’Reilly


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