Halloween – The Racist Amnesty Day

Remember this guy from the Katrina aftermath?

I do.  Apparently, it’s okay to make fun of someone who survived Katrina, and gathered anything he could.  It’s okay to mock victims of Katrina.  Let’s make costumes of them.

While we’re at it, let’s dress a white female Yale student up in black face, put a gray wig on her hair, and sit her in a wheel chair.  We can wheel her in the middle of the street, put a blanket over her body, and she can be an elderly Katrina victim.  Wouldn’t that be so hilarious!!!

Ever notice how it’s only okay to make fun of catastrophe’s that mainly affected minorities.  Where are the Pearl Harbor torpedoed costumes?  Let’s get a nice costume of a crushed 9/11 victim.  Perhaps we can dress someone up in burnt clothes and tie him upside down on a bridge so he can mimick the two blackwater contractors who were murdered in Iraq.

After all, it’s all fun and games right?  RIGHT?


3 Responses to “Halloween – The Racist Amnesty Day”

  1. BaracksSecretRicanlover Says:

    man there are no words for this bs. It’s hard to watch.

  2. Destiny Nash Says:

    speak on it more often. can i drop codes in here yet?

  3. wow – the things ppl think of

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