What’s Your Three Day Playlist

11/3: Black Republican – Nas Ft. Jay-Z

11/4: Black President – Nas Ft. Barack Obama

11/5: Good Morning – Kanye West

Let us know what your listening to


7 Responses to “What’s Your Three Day Playlist”

  1. 11/3: Nights Like This- J-Live
    11/4: Ante Up- M.O.P.
    11/5: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly- Kanye West ft Consequence

  2. Destiny Nash Says:

    Chocolate City of course

  3. 11/3: Forever Begins – Common
    11/4: Golpe De Estado – Immortal Technique
    11/5: Good Morning – Kanye West (good call, sir)

  4. ugh, i can not STAND immortal technique. except Peruvian Coke…everyone killed it except him.

  5. Minister Chakakhan Says:

    Peruvian Coke was that heat

  6. 1. Emotional Content – Asheru
    2. Trouble – Athletic Mic League
    3. Wildflower – Ghostface Killah

    p.s. IT is lame. Fake ass revolutionary.

  7. ministerxrufusxchakakhan Says:

    Al Green performing “Change Is Gonna Come”


    Even David Duke would get teary eyed

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