Picture Editorial


6 Responses to “Picture Editorial”

  1. did you not see the jewfro on that kid’s dad? they DEFINATELY weren’t voting mccain.

  2. brilliant.

  3. Destiny Nash Says:

    Will Smith on Oprah today about Election Night: “The way that I was raised was, ‘Nobody’s better than you, and anything that you want, you set your mind to it and you go get it. Period,'” he says. “I believed that it was possible, but I didn’t know if I really believed. The history of African-Americans is such that you want to be a part of America, but we’ve been rejected so much it’s hard to take the ownership and take responsibility for ourselves and this country. It was like, at that second, at that moment, all of our excuses were gone.”
    And when I tell mine they can do achieve whatever they work for, be ANYTHING they want, because it is all POSSIBLE in America – because of that night, that moment in time, and for the FIRST time in America – it will be truth I speak.

  4. Billion O'Really? Says:

    you are really talented for that one. That’s great reporting!

  5. Gotta love little man’s blazer!

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