I’m not sayin I got it…but if I got it, you got it!

I’m going to keep it funky for y’all. Mom dukes has worked at Family Planning for the last 20-someodd years. I’ve been getting the safe sex/wrap it up/monogamous relationship/blahblahblah speech for longer than I’ve been walking. So stumbling upon this made me laugh/cry so hard. It’s hilarious and sad all at the same time that things had to be so out of control that this came about. It’s just..ugh.


It’s a site that helps you notify past sexual partners that you contracted an STD and they themselves might be in danger of being infected so they should get tested ASAP. The notification isn’t by telephone or by a face to face meeting on nuetral ground. It’s by email. Complete with a song and animated gif. I mean really….you’re adult enough to bone but not adult enough to tell the person who’s life you POSSIBLY ruined that you may have given them an STD face to face?

Don’t say TomWars never gave y’all anything.


2 Responses to “I’m not sayin I got it…but if I got it, you got it!”

  1. Minister Chakakhan Says:

    This blog makes me itch

  2. Destiny Nash Says:

    So will they be revealing SNs??? lol

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