March of the Hood-Rats

Illiterate and ignorant rapper Plies auditioned a line of women for his “reality” TV show.  Below is excerpts from the audition video.  This film is rated R for strong language, partial nudity, and extreme niggadry.


6 Responses to “March of the Hood-Rats”

  1. I was going to write something witty but that excessive display has driven my esteem as a black woman into the ground. The saddest one was the pregnant one. I don’t understand the fascination with doing things to rappers, at all. Especially rappers that can’t form complete sentences, that don’t know what spellcheck is, or can’t create a song that has a non-repetitive original thought. I shudder to think of the hood rats that will surround my son in a few years, vying to be my grandchild’s mother (not my daughter-in-law).

  2. CathrynMarie Says:

    “Illiterate and ignorant” <====two things Sir Plies is most definitely not. I’ll admit this is some bullshit but in an era of reality shows givin out like its nothing, why not capitalize on it?

    His English degree says otherwise of your comments tho….

  3. Jerome Gamble Says:

    Oh, guess the writer gave him too much credit then. Topurposely do disrespectful stuff when you know better is far worse than not knowing any better. I guess it’s not a far cry to assume he’s ignorant since you can barely make out the words he says in his songs. You’d think with a degree in English, he’d be able to put together some witty word play, and perhaps a cogent metaphor every now and again. Guess that’s asking for a bit too much though.

  4. John Fowora Says:

    An English degree does not an enlightened man make.

    That is all.*

    *I’m usually far more verbose; I’ll save that for a response to my response.

  5. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW. A damn shame is what that is.

  6. capnsavemm Says:

    Don’t listen to CathrynMarie, she don’t know what she is talking about. All she does all day is eat cornbread anyways.

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