About: What Is A Tom War?

The Tom Wars Manifesto

“It all went down like this…..”

Rockness Monstah, Heltah Skeltah

Operation Lockdown, 1996

It began slowly. All sustainable movements do… very much like getting in and out of a pool. You dip your toe in…well…you will need to pull your self out. You dive in, well, you jump out. Somewhere around 2002, we all gathered for some unknown reason in a distant place to be the sole witnesses to the last act of dying conformity to oppression. Post-9/11, nothing (and we mean NOTHING) seemed original anymore. Music was recycled. Movies were recast 70’s television shows, fashion was a bad mash up of what we thought we left in the 80’s and the economy returned to Reaganomics with a nice slice of religious fear. That was the first time any of us fought in a Tom War™.

They were few and far between back then, regulated to only the place black folk with education and resources could project their self-hate so succinctly as to reassure their status by winning a pissing contest

over another American of involuntarily migrated African origin. Tom Wars™. It used to be just the onebrother who works at the high school trying to out token the brother who taught the after school program; it simply did not stop there. It began to grow and capture the hopes and dreams of the youth as the years climbed on. Almost as disgustingly recycled as the pop culture and fractured view of history from whence it came, black people began using old tricks to find NEW ways to hate each other. As much as we stood back hoping it would run its course and exhaust itself, it grew like a virus infecting and consequently mutating all it came in touch with into its brain chemical likeness. Tom Wars™.

It neither stayed exclusive or contained. No. Soon both genders, all ethnicities, all classes, found a way to involve themselves in Tom War to where it melded with reality. It happens every day and we say nothing. Not a thing. Nobody speaks on it and it grows in power. Its allure lies in silence, ignorance and acceptance of an ancient and out dated paradigm of mediocre half assed cowardly vicissitude of “that’s none of my business”. The pathogen has dominated most of this countries population and is spreading rapidly over seas. This leaves only a handful of survivors immune to the effects of this terrible infection and fewer less with the cure.

It is our intended purpose to point out, joke, comment, suggest, ridicule, inquire, argue, interrogate, agree, review, revise, dissect, connect, compartmentalize, unify and if need be, cut the bullshit, on all subjects that continue to encourage the unnecessary competition of working people trying to out Tom on another only to be slapped down by the system until the masses eventually stand up and shout “what the fuck is this shit!”. Until then, this collective will continue reminding you that EVERYONE is a target as long as the clones continue to ravage our psyches and fool you into trying to one up the next man. Rumors of a Tom War……

“Try looking in that place you dare not….you will find me staring back at you”

-Paul Atredies


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