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You’ve Been Warned!

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Tom Wars Autotune Compilation Album coming soon. Make your requests here or forever hold your peace.

, too

PS- I’m serious, too. Let us know if you want to get down on a couple tracks.


Let this be a lesson to all you 3rd string rappers

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When your boy, who happens to be one of the illest MCs EVER, grows up and decides he only raps for play and not for a living…what do you do to support yourself?

You do a commercial for a product you have absolutely ZERO connection to!

Memph Man, seriously…Freeway put a new album out. Beans put a new album out. Budden has had like 4 mixtapes out. M.O.P. is working on new material as a group AND solo artists. And YOU feel the need to do a Garnier Fructis commercial with some budget ass Pussycat Doll wannabe chicks?

I’m not mad at Memphis Bleek for this. I’m mad at the braniac at the marketing firm that came up with this idea. For more Memphis Bleek humor, please check out Roc-a-Scenes. Link below