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A Friendly Reminder

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People, if you intend to vote, please make sure that your current address have been registered with your state government. I know this reminder should have went up months earlier but sometimes real life gets in the way of the interwebs. We don’t want anyone being turned away because of something as minor as this. Have a good one.


Public Broadcasting System

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This just in from the email box:

Hi Everyone,

PBS is doing one of those instant online polls to ask ” America ” if they

think Sarah Palin is fit to be Vice President.

The GOP has launched a successful all out blitz to get Republicans to go

on the site and click “Yes”. As a result right now it looks like 62% of

” America ” thinks Palin is qualified. The Republicans are going to be

milking this for all its worth in their press efforts.

We need to drive more Democrats and those opposed to Palin to the site to

click “NO”. Let’s not give the GOP another easy weapon to put in their PR


Here’s the link:

How do you feel about that?

Need some convincing?

Man who got the bolt? This McCain dood acting up

-Billion O’Really?