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Don’t Be A Hater: Censorship In The Black Community

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I was at the salon the other day getting my lock redone when the question of a certain New Orleans rapper came up. I was asked my opinion on the person and I declined to answer based on the fact that it’s a well documented fact this individual is not only retarded monkey but hasn’t written enough of his own material for me to take serious. This seemed to focus all attention in the room on me as I was asked “who did this person have write for them?” I listed off a few known contributors:Gillie

“Started with Juvenile……..lately it’s been Gillie the Kid”.

(there will be more analysis of this unnamed “emcee” at a later date)

I was immediately branded a hater and asked who I did like. I reminded the room that my opinion was asked for and not forced therefore if they didn’t like it they should not have asked. However it started to occur to me. Being a hater has been transformed. Any questioning or critical analysis of status quo in our community is labeled as being a hater.

I am from Oakland, the place that brought you The Mack and Too Short. The term hater was born from our kinfolk in their proper use of the term “player hater,” meaning one who leverages their game to hate on a said player. This can take many forms such as telling the baby momma who else you are fucking, telling a weed connect not to sell to someone, refusing to let someone into your party or even at its most perverse, reporting some one to the police. These are active actions that take steps to prevent another person’s progression. Player hating while mostly frowned upon was a recognized strategy to get what you want. However as the term progressed it was shortened to Haters to signify those who disrupt progress for the sake of disruption. Again, the term was used to associate with an active step such as stealing parking spots, fucking your enemy’s girlfriend, or telling people not to eat at a restaurant.

Haters are active. Hating takes food out of mouths. Hating requires opportunity, motive and process. This is what the justice system calls motis operandi.

Nowadays, it seems any time I disagree, it’s assumed hatred. In fact, any time anyone disagrees it is called hatred. This trend is continued in every aspect of black life from upper class, to the trenches of poverty. Any criticism of something another black person supports is hatred. The best part of it the effect it has on younger generations. Historically, fear has always been the worst set of motivations. Teachers continue to write referrals to kids and wonder why it doesn’t do shit. Fear of getting your child taken by social services has kept parents from whooping an ass and opted for the “time out” strategy instead. Instead, all they have to do is tell their child not to be a hater and the behavior will magically change. In fact, we recently polled teenagers at schools across the nation only to find out that 98% would rather be raped by a three dicked llamaBush bitching than be called a hater. Hatred is the single most motivating factor in America today. In an era of terror where the US government has used fear to drive the economy, inspire wars and get people to believe that gay marriage is a bigger debate than tax breaks for the rich, fear has become the currency of the weak minded. Imagine what our failing schools and struggling parents could do to change the social climate if only they would call their children haters. In fact, if we all take it a step further, we’d realize how much of our day we don’t speak our mind for fear of hating.

Creflo's MissionAt the end of the day, I’m critic, a thinker and someone who doesn’t take things at face value. I read a lot, I argue, I discuss and I ultimately form my own opinions. I think Lil Wayne is gay and I refuse to send Creflo Dollar a red cent. I am ultimately a hater. I accept my hatred and walk on. However, I challenge you all not to settle your own opinion for some catch phrase that seems to be appropriated and spit back just to attempt to make us all dumber. Ultimately, hating is not censorship, but fear of being one is. On behalf of all of us here at TomWars News, thank you and god bless America.

-Billion O’Really

Did you know if you ask for napkins with your slice of pizza at 2am and the Palestinian owner has been listening to 50……….you might be a hater. Napkins and extra cheese add .04 cents to their cost; you hater.