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Obama Fighting Championship

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Last night, my entire roster (if I had a fantasy UFC league), showed Dana White and the entire world of MMA that the message that was sent on November 4th from Chicago across the world would be followed up in the UFC.

First we had Cheikh Kongo teach people that if you knee in the nuts you are going to get knocked out after you get a knee to the nuts in return.

Continuing on, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson went on to destroy his long time rival Wanderlei Silva in the first round at three minutes and twenty one seconds….exactly the same time it takes to heat up plaintains, rice and beans in the microwave. On top of which he entered the ring with a intro by Damien Marley and accompanied by his manager, some cat with a weird name from some place called “Staten Island”. Being there live, I have to tell you, how amazing it was that Wanderlei fans chanted his name while some even had the nerve to wear McCain Palin shirts. So of course….

God's Gold

God's Gold

At the end of the knock out, after over coming some personal diffculties after losing his belt to Forest Griffin months prior, Jackson stated: “all praise due to MOST HIGH….shout out to Prodigal Sun”.

The first is in fact the last and yes….Wu Tang still ain’t nuttin to fuck with.

Oh but we’re not done.  No sir we’re not done. As may of you know I have been following the career of one “Sugar” Rashad Evans since his debut on the Ultimate Fighter reality show season two. He entered as a heavy weight just to get his lane and was required to train with very little prior experience under a bitchass of a coach who didn’t like him, his style or his skin color known as Matt Hughes. As fate would have it, Rashad won the show and entered the UFC, dropping weight to 205lbs after his first fights were won in decision. Since then he has added knock out power, refined his mind game and inherited Jardin’s love for receiving knock out punches that “don’t hurt mang”. Did I mention that he also seems to hang around Staten Island kids who watch kung fu flicks and entered the ring to KRS 1’s “Rapture”. Um….

Good night Forrest

Good night Forrest

After a few well placed strikes in third round, Griffin was on his back feeling the fists of the new America as Rashad pounded him out until the ref called it at two minutes and forty six minutes making Sugar the new lightweight champion and the second black man to win a UFC belt within weeks of the first.

Thank you Obama, see you in a few weeks.


A little gift from the Tom Wars staff

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SEVEN HUNDRED newspapers from around the world with the headline “Obama wins presidential election”.

You’re welcome.

PS- No, Tom Wars did not do all of that work…but Tom Wars is sharing with our readers.

Picture Editorial

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the long legged mack daddy says…

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I don’t agree with the Devil, and have spent many years attacking this man in a psychic battle existing in the dream world only a few mystics understand. However….

Boy Wonder, I’m kick your ass for eight more years but thanks for putting that intellect toward something productive.

What’s Your Three Day Playlist

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11/3: Black Republican – Nas Ft. Jay-Z

11/4: Black President – Nas Ft. Barack Obama

11/5: Good Morning – Kanye West

Let us know what your listening to

Yeah..It Made Me Tear Up

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I was at work last night watching Obama’s rally on CNN when it hit me: I’m alive. I’m conscious. I’m breathing. Barring any fluke accidents *be it at the polls or in my life* between now and Wednesday morning…I’ll be alive to see the “first” minority president of the United States of America.  Just think, the history books will read that Barrack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America. As an 80s baby, a hip hop head, a semi activist, a sometimes blogger, and a black man that happens to be a citizen of the United States…I can honestly say that this moment in history is powerful. Win or lose, Senator Obama…just know that you’ve inspired millions of people from the United States. You’ve let them know that there actually IS someone in DC that’s willing to fight for them and make this country a better place. You’ve inspired millions of college kids to get up off their asses and be pro-active about their futures. And the future of this country.

Win or lose on Election Day, I think you won.