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Thank you Governor Crist…

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Since you have allowed/approved early voting in Florida, that little mishap 4 years ago shouldn’t happen again. This is your prize!


A Friendly Reminder

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People, if you intend to vote, please make sure that your current address have been registered with your state government. I know this reminder should have went up months earlier but sometimes real life gets in the way of the interwebs. We don’t want anyone being turned away because of something as minor as this. Have a good one.

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you…

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Sorry we’ve been away so long folks. Even esteemed psuedo journalists such as ourselves have personal lives that need to be attended to.

Anyway, here’s a quick run down of some recent happenings:

1. McCain chastises racist/ignorant supporters that STILL seem to think that Senator Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist, or a Muslim terrorist.

2. The presidential debates are over and John McCain has somehow shown the WORLD that he’s a fool…yet people will still vote for him.

3. Federal government bails out the stock market. That $700 billion dollar package is going to help in the short run but screw us in the long run. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I guess.

4. Colin Powell endorses Barrack Obama. Powell also laid out his reasons WHY he endorsed Obama so there would be no confusing it with “helpin a brotha out.”

5. And on some totally insane shit…Stephen Baldwin, yes the Baldwin brother that has given us such cinematic gems as Sex Monster/Biodome/Snakeman, has challenged Barrack Obama to a boxing match. On top of that, Mr. Baldwin called Barry a “cultural terrorist.” You be the judge.

Public Broadcasting System

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This just in from the email box:

Hi Everyone,

PBS is doing one of those instant online polls to ask ” America ” if they

think Sarah Palin is fit to be Vice President.

The GOP has launched a successful all out blitz to get Republicans to go

on the site and click “Yes”. As a result right now it looks like 62% of

” America ” thinks Palin is qualified. The Republicans are going to be

milking this for all its worth in their press efforts.

We need to drive more Democrats and those opposed to Palin to the site to

click “NO”. Let’s not give the GOP another easy weapon to put in their PR


Here’s the link:

How do you feel about that?

Need some convincing?

Man who got the bolt? This McCain dood acting up

-Billion O’Really?


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Last night Rashad Evans, the quiet tongued loud posturing winner, from the Ultimate Fighter reality series knocked out former light heavyweight champion the “Iceman” Chuck Liddell. One minute and forty one seconds into the the second round, Mr. Evans showed Liddell what that curious W tattoo on his arm meant when he said “Wu Tang clan ain’t nuttin to f*ck wit”.

Given the history between Liddell and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, I would say I notice a pattern. I am willing to believe that Liddell’s chin is allergic to black people. Oh sure, laugh but the numbers don’t lie. Someone say this isn’t a color thing, its an age thing and Liddell is just over the hill. Even if it is an age thing, I find it to be symbolic of other things to come.

-Billion O’Really

Dear Republican Party…

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Sarah Palin? REALLY? She’s everything you hate about Senator Obama AND a woman. Kinda sexy though. As of 2:32pm today, THIS is my favorite Sarah Palin site:

The US is officially the Cheddar Bob of world politics. Other countries are reading Rueters like “this is why we never invite them to parties.”

the DNC

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I didn’t have time to watch much, but I saw Michelle’s speech. She’s a real crowd mover, that lady. I also didn’t know that her brother was a bodyguard for Suge Knight. Negro is fucking HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Readers, give me some highlites cuz i’m not really in the mood to sit on YouTube to watch that shit. Also, fuck Hillary Clinton. Nobody gives a fuck about your goddamn endorsement, ya raggedy ho.

PS- Yes, Barrack Obama really IS a long legged mack daddy. ROFL!