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A Friendly Reminder

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People, if you intend to vote, please make sure that your current address have been registered with your state government. I know this reminder should have went up months earlier but sometimes real life gets in the way of the interwebs. We don’t want anyone being turned away because of something as minor as this. Have a good one.


Sarah Palin’s Debate Flow Chart

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for your amusement. and mine.

sarah palins debate flow chart

sarah palin's debate flow chart

Son, what the hell were you thinking?

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Apparently, there has been some headway in the Sarah Palin email hacking case. I don’t know if you can really call it hacking if your PW is one of your children’s names. Or the answer to your secret question is y our husband/wife’s name…but whatever. Anyway, David Kernell *son of Tennesse Dem state rep Mike Kernell* is about to get his 15 minutes of fame and a nice slap on the wrist. Will the Repub spin doctors work their hoodoo voodoo all over this here unfortunate turn of stupidity and eek another presidency out of it? Or will the Dems play it smooth and just chalk it up to college kid antics?

Only time will tell.

Dear Republican Party…

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Sarah Palin? REALLY? She’s everything you hate about Senator Obama AND a woman. Kinda sexy though. As of 2:32pm today, THIS is my favorite Sarah Palin site:

The US is officially the Cheddar Bob of world politics. Other countries are reading Rueters like “this is why we never invite them to parties.”