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Honorary Tom(assina) – Michelle Malkin

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She hate you long time!

Is there a term Asians use that is similar to Uncle Tom. Whatever that term is, brand it on Michelle Malkin’s forehead. Malkin is a conservative mouthpiece for right wing radio and former guest host for Bill O’Reilly on the Fox Noise Channel. Recently, Malkin called Michelle Obama (Homer Simpson drool) Barack’s “Baby Mama.” Nevermind the term is normally reserved for unwed mothers, and has condescending and misogynistic undertones.

Michelle Maglalang (as she was known before she became Caucasian by injection by being baby mama to a white man) was born to Filipino immigrant parents in 1970. She lives a nice cushy white life with her 2 children who are taken care of by her Jewish baby dadd

y in Montgomery County Maryland while she prances about trying to outdo Ann Coulter. Malkin pretends to be the foremost authority on race issues in America, yet obviously struggles with her own ethnic identity (if you told her she was a minority she’d ask you not to point out her affliction like Uncle Ruckus). The majority of her articles are centered around racial issues involving blacks, Asians, and Latinos, and she defends her white racist puppet masters with vigor. She’s extremely

passionate about Bill Clinton’s sexual escapes, probably because she secretly fantasizes about whipping out a pair of tweezers and jerking and sucking off GWB. The day a time machine is invented, she’ll be first in line to blow Ronald Reagan. SHE LOVE HIM LONG TIME!

Malkin Gone Wild

Malkin especially gets worked up about immigration issues. She has an amazing knack for relating every immigration issue to 9/11. Mexicans crossing the border? 9/11! Her nipples get especially hard when discussing Islam as she considers all Muslims responsible for 9/11 (ironically, Islam is the second largest religious affiliation in her parents native Philippines).

One of my favorite quotes from Malkin is, “It’s time that we give immigrants to this country a swift kick to the seats of their pants and show them the exit door.” I agree. Let’s start with your parents. And since they should have never been here in the first place (according to her logic), Michelle, you must GTFO as well.

The people’s project website puts it best:

Michelle Malkin is indeed a pathological racist who doesn’t seem to know her own color. Surely many white supremacist and right-wing groups have use for her outside appearance, although her inside is filled with hatred and racism. Some have suggested her husband has been somewhat of an influence with the anti-Arab sentiments plus mad support for the so-called “War on Terror” being a constant thread (Jesse Malkin works for the RAND Corporation, which has been called out as war profiteers). Like Black sellout racists like Ezola Foster and Star Parker, the white supremacist groups have found a sellout to recruit to the Asian community and to spread their racism, and that is Michelle Malkin.

Malkin wrote a book entitled, In Defense of Internment, The Case for “Racial Profiling” where she (wait, do I really need to describe this book? She does a brilliant job of making it self explanatory so her idiot racist followers can comprehend). Malkin is also a member of the racist organization VDARE who the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed a “hate group.”

We salute you Miss Malkin. You’re the Asian female Clayton Bigsby. It’ll be interesting to see her divorce her husband when she finds out he’s a gook lover.